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Our Mission

The mission of PAGE Five, a non-profit support group, is to advocate for the education of academically gifted and artistically talented (G&T) students by disseminating information on and building awareness about gifted education, providing enrichment opportunities, and assisting families with scholarship and tuition aid.

Our Vision 

In collaboration with the leadership of School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties, PAGE Five strives to provide a support network for parents of academically gifted and artistically talented (G&T) students and support extraordinary learning opportunities for G&T students, preparing these students to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

PAGE Five Can Help Parents To:

Understand District Five's offerings for gifted children and how learners access these programs;

Understand the unique characteristics and needs of gifted children;

Gain perspective on parenting your gifted child through discussions with other parents;

Become an effective advocate for your child;

Locate resources to help with parenting and educational decisions;

Become part of a network of parents and educational professionals to understand and advocate for gifted education; and

Provide mutual support and problem-solving strategies.